The RoughDraftAudio Labs is a place where new developments will be made available.

These developments come from trying new ideas and pushing a few boundaries. Sometimes the software available here will be just in beta form, other times it will be a fully completed work.

Note: Items in this area are subject to change, maybe removed without warning, and there is no guarantee that new versions will work in place of older versions. Having said that, if you found that a particular release works well for you, do not hesitate to let us know on the forum!
Please also note that, unless otherwise stated, items here will be VST plugins for PC only

Linear Phasor
Linear Phasor is the perfect marriage of vintage analogue equipment to the perfections of modern Digital Signal Processing.

Specially developed algorithms calculate the changing features a cascaded allpass network, as the LFO sweeps the selected frequency range, guaranteeing a perfectly flat response with none of the unfortunate sound-colouring associated with analogue technology.

It features:

  > a 2-36 stage allpass filter cascade

  > a user-definable frequency range for sweeping
[Note: For reasons of purity in emulation, the LFO is free running - like the Titanic, it is unsyncable.]

  > a bypass control for A/B comparason

  > a unique 'PhasoMeter' to ensure that the input and output signals in perfect phase with each other. Any inconsistencies are highlighted in red.

Never again need you worry about degrading the quality of your audio when using classic retro-emulations!

Linear Phasor
Linear Phasor can be downloaded here, the zip file contains the VST plugin, and a brief manual.

Refer to your host program for installation.

Note: Please do not circulate any distribution files yourself, instead make a reference back to this page. Plugins are under constant development and are subject to improvements and bug fixes.
If you wish to distribute any RoughDraftAudio works on a Magazine Cover CD/DVD, or any other form of redistribution, please contact